Holton Lee

Holton Lee

Holton Lee
East Holton, Holton Heath
Dorset BH16 6JN
BH16 6JN
Telephone:  01202 625562

url http://www.holtonlee.co.uk


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Holton Lee is a unique, secluded part of Dorset where visitors can get away from the stresses of life and find time and space for personal growth through access to the arts and the natural environment. All the facilities at Holton Lee have been designed and built to ensure that they are accessible to everyone. Whether you are interested in holiday accommodation, a place to retreat and heal, a wedding venue, artists studios, exhibition space, conference rooms or just a walk in the beautiful surroundings, Holton Lee has it all! Holton Lee has grown from Christian roots and is open to people of all faiths and none