The Old Meeting (Unitarian), Marshfield

The Old Meeting (Unitarian), Marshfield

Royal British Legion Hall
79 High Street
SN14 8LS
Telephone:  01225 780096


Map of location

Worship services at Marshfield Old Meeting

Services at Marshfield Old Meeting are Unitarian. They are Unitarian in that worship is directed simply to the One God - while recognising the great range of understandings of the word ‘God’. Services are also Unitarian in that adherence to a creed or statement of belief is not required - you do not have to be a Unitarian to participate fully in Unitarian worship. And services are Unitarian in that doubt is an option and being willing to ask questions is as important as knowing answers.

How to find the Old Meeting

The Old Meeting is located off the south side of the High Street, between Sheepfair Lane and St Martin’s Lane, approached by a short pathway. The full address is Royal British Legion Hall, 79 High Street, Marshfield, Gloucestershire SN14 8LS.

If you would like more information, please contact Dr Tim Powell, 01225 780096,

Public transport to Marshfield is effectively non-existent on a Sunday. We are usually able to offer lifts to anyone needing one to come to a service.