Peak House Practice

Peak House Practice

2 St John Street
Telephone:  07941 619448


Map of location

Peak House Practice is a unique complementary therapy and teaching centre located in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales.

As well as our one-to-one therapies (Acupuncture, Chinese herbal Medicine, Counselling, Personal Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Healing, Meditation), we also run weekly classes and workshops on Qi Gong meditation, Qi Gong Healing and Taoist Philosophy, which attract a nationwide audience.

Our Workshop Themes

Sharing our skills and knowledge through our teaching is an important part of our work at Peak House Practice. Our workshops cover five interrelated themes and you can attend individual workshops, or a whole series of workshops, according to your particular area of interest:

‘Qi Gong Masterclasses’
Learn powerful Qi Gong techniques such as the ‘Eight Silken Brocade’ and the ‘Microcosmic Orbit’ meditation. With one-to-one coaching, these workshops will help you hone your practical skills and deepen your understanding of Qi Gong theory...

‘Everyday Tao’
Discover how to apply the ancient principles of Taoism to your life, and create a stress free, authentic, harmonious way of living...

‘Classic Tao’
Explore the history, use and modern relevance of the classic ancient Taoist texts - The I Ching & Tao Te Ching...

‘Seasonal Qi Gong Celebrations’
Celebrate each of the Chinese medicine seasons and ‘Five Elements’. Discover their relationship to our wellbeing and learn about the Chinese medicine meridians, seasonal treatments and Qi Gong exercises to support your health throughout the year...

‘Qi Gong Healing’
Learn the traditional Chinese medicine practice of Qi Gong healing in a safe and supervised environment. Qi Gong healing is less well known in the UK than Reiki healing but the effects of this gentle form of healing are just as powerful...


Who attends our workshops?

Most of our workshops are suitable for absolute beginners as well as more advanced students.

Typical attendees include:

  • Professionals who help or heal others (complementary therapists, G.Ps, nurses, fitness instructors etc.) wishing to expand their knowledge and gain new skills
  • Those wanting to nurture their physical and emotional health by natural means
  • Those wishing to explore their self-development and spirituality in a non-judgemental and non-religious environment
  • Those keen to try something new and meet an interesting group of likeminded people

For more information on our individual classes and workshops please visit our website: or contact Alex our Practice Manager directly on email: / tel: 07941 619448