The Isbourne Holistic Centre

The Isbourne Holistic Centre

4, Wolseley Terrace
GL50 1TH
Telephone:  01242 254321


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Founded in 1995 and based in Cheltenham, The Isbourne Holistic Centre is a registered charity whose purpose is to create positive lives through education.

The Isbourne offers practical skills for self-development and wellbeing, with a wide array of courses, workshops and talks designed to promote health and fitness for mind, body and soul, while cultivating a deeper sense of purpose and self-awareness.

Taught by many of Gloucestershire's top accredited holistic practitioners and facilitators, The Isbourne's courses offer something for everyone, with subjects ranging from Yoga, Stress Solutions and NLP, to Meditation, Astrology and Belly Dancing.

The centre also runs a dynamic programme of special guest events, which includes talks and workshops by leading international authors and experts in the field of holistic education.

Since the Isbourne started, the public's perception of the holistic field has shifted, gaining increasing credibility. People are now recognising that it has dynamic tools for skilful living amid the stresses of modern life.

The substantial growth in the last few years in the amount of high-level mainstream press editorial coverage that is now devoted to Mind Body Spirit and Holistic matters (E.g. Times Body & Soul, Telegraph Wellbeing, Guardian Health & Wellbeing) reflects the surge of interest in this field.

The Isbourne is mindful of making personal development affordable to everyone and aims to set its prices at exceptional value in today's marketplace. It prides itself on being ethical, playing a caring role in Cheltenham over a period of 12 years and has grown to be respected by both the public and the teachers and therapists that gather here.