Alderbrook Primary School

Alderbrook Primary School

Oldridge Road
SW12 8PP
Telephone:  07957 430 145


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Tai Chi Beginners Courses

As a result of many of years of experience teaching thousands of students from all walks of life, we have developed a course that can help to learn the basic elements of Tai Chi (Taiji or fully asTaijiquan) in a relaxed and enjoyable way, whilst enabling beginners to overcome any anxiety or particular difficulties they may have.

We concentrate on learning the Beijing 24-step Short Form, which provides an ideal and relatively quick way to acquire basic Tai Chi skills.

Our students learn a variety of easy but highly effective Qi Gong exercises, primarily from the famous “8 Pieces of Silk Brocade” sequence ,and the Zhan Zhuang, 28 Steps and Taijigong sequences. These sequences help to improve health and develop awareness of the body’s energy.

We also use, in combination, three very simple and highly enjoyable partner exercises, Sticking, Yielding and Centring, to develop balance, co-ordination, spacial awareness and sensitivity.

Warm-up and conditioning exercises, basic stepping exercises, including Tai Chi Walking, and the basics of stance and body-mechanics, complete the overall picture to give a well-rounded and satisfying introduction to Tai Chi .