Buckholme Towers School

Buckholme Towers School

18 Commercial Road
BH14 0JW
Telephone:  07786 904 647

url http://www.biodanzadorset.co.uk/poole/

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Biodanza was created by Rolando Toro, a Chilean medical anthropologist. While working in a psychiatric hospital in the late 60’s, Rolando noticed that different types of music affected the patients in different ways. He went on to develop a series of exercises-to-music designed to improve their quality of life. This was so effective that the nursing staff and patients’ relatives asked if they could join in. Biodanza was born !

Rolando further extended his system to make it attractive to a wider public. Within a typical Biodanza class, we are invited to embark on an enjoyable exploration of our emotions.

Dancing to a selection of inspiring music ranging from Bach to Beatles, and from fiery South American rhythms to wistful Celtic airs creates a decidedly “feelgood” effect. We dance barefoot or in soft dancing shoes, sometimes solo, at other times in 2’s, or in larger groups.

Many participants report an increase in self-esteem and in that respect some might say it is a very pleasant and gentle form of dance therapy. Biodanza classes are open to all. It seems to appeal most to the 25-65 age group, although some more-experienced teachers do offer classes specifically for children, older people, and marginalised groups.