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Jessica McGregor Johnson

Jessica works internationally as a Life Fulfilment Coach and Certified Passion Test Facilitator empowering people to discover their true passions and go on to create the life they choose and gain fulfilment in every area of life. Using the wide variety of tools at her disposal she helps enable change to take place both internally and externally. By learning the ability to be a positive influence in their own lives, changing the way they communicate both with themselves and others, her clients go on to produce the big changes they wish for in their lives. There is also a strong spiritual aspect to the way she works, she truly believes that we are all connected and that there is far more than meets the eye when it comes to who we are as energetic beings. Bringing that aspect to her work means that she addresses the deeper issues that some people hold and moves her clients towards a place of wholeness, which is where fulfilment lies. As well as coaching Jessica offers The Passion Test, a simple easy and profoundly effective method to discover your passions. The Passion test can be done either in a workshop which she offers with her partner Beatrice Buchser in London or one-on-one wiht her over the phone.





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