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Alan Heeks has led many personal and spiritual development groups: his approach enables individuals to find their own insights and way forward, drawing on wider perspectives and the wisdom of nature. He brings his wide experience of personal growth and healing methods to such themes as vision quests, sustainable living, spiritual retreats, and men's groups.

Through the 70's and 80's, Alan had a successful business management career, where his focus was on aligning human fulfilment and the needs of the organisation. Since 1990, he has been deeply involved in sustainable education and development. He set up the Magdalen Project, a 130-acre organic farm and teaching centre, and he owns and manages Hazel Hill Wood, a 70-acre conservation woodland retreat centre near Salisbury.

Alan's book, The Natural Advantage: Renewing Yourself, was published in 2000, and translates the principles and practices of organic growth to people and organisations. He has also led many workshops and provided coaching to a range of ethical, values-based businesses such as Abel and Cole, the leading organic food home delivery service.
In 1992, Alan co-founded a men's group which is still meeting every three weeks. He has paticipated in men's workshops led by Robert Bly, Michael Meade and others, and has co-led several men's groups. He is currently writing a book for midlife men.

The roots of Alan's spiritual practice include Christian, Sufi, Buddhist and Celtic. The re-translations of Jesus' teachings from the original Aramaic have been a major inspiration, and so has the book 'Desert Wisdom' by Neil Douglas-Klotz, which has extended translations of original teachings from Christian, Islamic, Jewish and other texts. Alan leads retreat groups based on Aramaic Christian, Desert Wisdom, Sufi, and nature-based themes.





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