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Ingrid Oliphant

I have a Gift that was given to me to help me change the world. My educational & career background certainly didnt prepare me for it. Ive no connection to any faith, religion or spiritual practice. Ive never been a seeker or followed a particular plan or path. Im the most unlikely healer or teacher I could have ever imagined. I certainly dont fit in the box of how others imagine one should be. I dont use the word spiritual when describing myself or the work. For me, there is no separation. This is just about life. My life happens to include miracles along with my red wine, red meat, course language, love of all things food, music, and people. The Gift allows me to be a vehicle and catalyst for physical & emotional healing as well as personal transformation. It opens avenues of expression that move people past their limitations and facilitates loving transformationreminding them that there really is nothing wrong with them in the first place. The energies that move through me for others bring about personal awakening and what I call a reintroduction to ones Selfthe heart of who we are behind the stories and experiences that have brought us this far. I am blessed to see and experience the world differently than most. In that, I can see through others veils, stories, tragedies, and triumphs and recognize their Godliness. I do not call myself a teacher but others do. My philosophy is grounded in trusting the just knowing. I speak and live truth as I know itthat we are God, each a creator who can change the world. The connection between each of us and everything that ever has been, is, or will be is the Divine. I observe, I move, I learn, I see, and I breathe.





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