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please visit our website for more info  about Ralph & the Dances of Universal Peace (with photos &links & more).

Ralph's spiritual home is in Subud, his religion is being a Quaker - and the "3rd leg" are the Dances of Universal Peace.

Ralph says about himself: "I come from my head - and I am on a journey into my heart; that's why I sing.

The 1st Joy is, when you participate dancing in a circle while singing & feeling centered and harmonised in yourself - & connected with others and the Divine, when your voice wakes up, when your inne energies begin to flow annd when you start losing your mind on the way to your heart.

The 2nd Joy is, when you lead the peace dances in a circle, serving the group with your being, transmitting inspiration and giving people the experience of the 1st Joy - watching how their face expression relaxes until they begin to shine.

The 3rd Joy is, when you encourage, teach and coach someone learning to lead the peace dances ad you tune into this person (instead of into a dance) - teaching teachers! You become a connector in the transmission process between God / the Universal Life Force / Spirit and the evolving dance leader. Dance leaders are as different as the dances are...

Ralph is currently experiencing the 3rd Joy, a mentor-in-training for the DUP and encouraging others to lead.

Ralph moved to Cambridge from Berlin in 1997 and leads Peace Dances since 1991. Ralph has led several singing and dancing workshops and evenings with singers, musicians and voice therapists in Berlin and from 1996 also in England with Carolin Comberti, alone and with his wife Vitalija, who palys guitar.
So far he led a dozen residential peace dance weekends at Loudwater Farm, London-Rickamnsworth.

Ralph is a member of the "Natural Voice Practitioners' Network (www.naturalvoice.net).
Since about 2000 he leads a Taizé harmony chanting group in Cambridge twice a month.

Since 2003 he is helping organising the world's biggest peace dance camp "Sacred Arts Camp", www.sacred-arts-camp.org.uk, where he leads Taizé harmony chanting and Dances of Universal Peace 

In May 2007, he joined the Cambridge Georgian choir "Chela".
In July 2009 and August 2010 Ralph & Vitalija were invited as main teachers to the international "Dancing Heart Camp" (http://dup-lv.webs.com/latviancamp.htm)

Ralph is leading regular Dances of Universal Peace groups in Cambridge, St. Neots, Norwich, north Oxfordshire, around London (Islington & Richmond), also Spring & Autumn residential peace dance weekends @ Loudwater Farm London-Rickmansworth, in Latvia and in Berlin (twice yearly)

The Dances of Universal Peace are a never ending journey - and still a mystery, from time to time revealing new aspects. Teaching the dances - and other dance teachers! - and especially the feedback from participants brings me always in contact with those sides of myself, that need to be worked on: my inner child, my sensitivity, my ego - it is all about inner and outer balance and timing: 'polishing my inner diamond'








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