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1. Reclaiming Scotia Winter Solstice Ritual

Location: Old Schoolhouse Langholm DG13 0QW
Date: 21 December, 2011 from 06:00 PM until 09:00 PM
Leader: Elinor Predota

We join together to nurture the light through the darkest night...

We call upon the Elements, Deities, Ancestors, Spirits of the Land and the Sidhe to assist us in turning the Wheel of the Year...

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2. Spiritual path-finding group

Location: Teleseminar Conference Call n/a n/a n/a n/a
Date: 29 January, 2012 from 04:00 PM until 05:00 PM
Leader: Elinor Predota

The goal of spiritual path-finding is to help you on your way to deep connection: with yourself, with Spirit, and with all of Life. Starting from where you are in the present, and honouring your past, we will explore pathways and practices which can take you towards a grounded, authentic spirituality. We will work together on developing a spiritual practice which feeds you and returns you to a deep sense of connection and purpose. 

I offer a safe space for all for this work, including LGBTQ (transgender, intersex, bisexual, lesbian, gay and queer), individuals, couples/poly relationships and families.

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3. Journey to the Heart of Faith

Location: on-line global IG10 2AL
Date: 01 February, 2012 from 11:00 AM until 09:00 PM
Leader: Elinor Predota

This course has been designed to open the door to spiritual exploration into practices and teachings of the world’s religions which may benefit us, while offering a safe container for uncovering the tender and painful places left by our experiences of religion, and offering these parts of ourselves love and healing.

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