Being mindful is just a breath away

Take control of your life by learning the skills of mindfulness

Location: Equilibrium Natural Health Centre Pewsham Chippenham SN15 3RS
Start Date: 08 March, 2014 at 09:30
Finish Date: 08 March 2014 at 05:30
Leader: John Gloster-Smith (View profile)
Cost: £89.50 (Early bird rate till 7 Feb)

Learn the skills of mindfulness in this first of a series of workshops and be able to step back from with isn't working for you, pause, be in the moment, let go, become the calm observer of your process and connect with who you really are.

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Move on from feeling driven by life and work, let go of stress and anxiety, give up incessant thinking, take a break from constant rush, hurry and having no time - and find new meaning and purpose. Pause, step back from the content of your mind, breathe, come into the moment, and become the aware observer of your process. Put yourself in authentic control. Find the peace, calm, steadiness, clarity, focus, aliveness and resonance of being mindful and fully present. You can learn the skills of mindfulness. It is already latent within us. We've just lost our connection with it. Take time out on our highly facilitative, very practical and solution-focused program to equip yourself with potentially life-changing skills and techniques.

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