Gateways Of The Mind

An Exploration Of The Non-physical States Of Lucid Dreaming & Out-Of-Body Experiences: Cultural Practices In Perspective.

Location: The Royal Geographical Society London SW7 2AR
Start Date: 03 November, 2012 at 08:30
Finish Date: 05:30
Leader: Emma Farrell (View profile)
Cost: £150 per person

Speakers: Robert Waggoner, Charlie Morley, Dr. Michael Katz, Graham Nicholls & Sergio Maga?a Presenting both ancient and modern theories and practices of lucid dreaming and OBEs from different cultures including western science, Tibetan Buddhism and the Toltec / Mexica (Aztec) tradition - this event will offer you the opportunity to learn from the experts and pioneers, discuss personal experience and integrate the teachings into your practice with careful guidance and advice.

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Gateways of the Mind will demonstrate how we can all benefit from the non-physical realities. All 5 speakers have between them thousands of personal experiences, and will talk extensively about their practices and techniques whilst demonstrating how everyone can explore these non-physical realities and what the practical benefits can be to all of us on our spiritual path and in daily life. In addition to the 1 & 1/2 hr presentations from each of the speakers on key themes there will also be 2 mini-workshops included in the 2-day conference with the chance to book for an additional 1-day Lucid Dreaming workshop following the event, hosted by Robert Waggoner & Charlie Morley. Wrapping up the conference will be a live 'question time' panel debate involving all 5 of the speakers. Utilising a mix of event key theme questions and direct audience participation - this will be your chance to put questions directly to the experts.

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