The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution

Open the possibilites which are open to you in your life

Start Date: 25 August, 2012 at 09:00
Finish Date: 07:00
Leader: Richard Smith (View profile)
Cost: £75

The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution is a series of inspirational lectures from world teachers who are pushing the frontiers of science and spirituality to bring a new world view into light. The conference is an annual event taking place in London over the three days of the August bank holiday weekend featuring a full day of lectures. Join a group of fellow explorers and open gateways of possibilities that are available for you to manifest into your life!

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Rational scientific belief is changing and a new understanding of science is being constructed, a view that involves people much more, giving us a far richer tapestry of the interwoven fabric of life. We are part of a vast world that expands inside and outside and seekers are piecing together a new picture of reality based on a heart based understanding of the fundamental qualities of existence. Once again people are seeking light from within and manifesting this into the world through myriad thought forms which are able to elevate life to new levels of conscious experience and with this in mind we have structured a series of lectures focusing on different aspects of human experience and scientific knowledge to look into the possibilities that are open to us in this amazing time in which we live. J.J. HURTAK, Ph.D, Ph.D. & DESIREE HURTAK, Ph.D - THE POWERS OF QUANTUM MIND, QUANTUM SPIRIT | AMIT GOSWAMI Ph.D - THE QUANTUM DOCTOR | MASTER CHRISM - KUNDALINI AWAKENING (AWAKENING THE INNER DIVINE) | AMODA MAA JEEVAN - RADICAL AWAKENING - THE BIRTH OF A NEW WORLD AND YOU | MARCO BISCHOF Ph.D - BIOPHOTON RESEARCH AND THE QUANTUM PICTURE OF HUMAN EXISTENCE IN A PARTICIPATIVE UNIVERSE | Dr LEONARD HOROWITZ - GENERATING WORLD PEACE AND PROSPERITY: "MEDICINAL MUSIC AND THE 528LOVEREVOLUTION" | ZULMA REYO - THE FEMALE PRINCIPLE | EXCLUSIVE UK DEBUT SCREENING OF (R)EVOLUTION 2012 - PLUS Q&A WITH THE FILMS DIRECTOR |

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