Full Buck/Thunder Moon in Capricorn

with Doug Buckingham

Location: School of Intuition & Healing London WC1H 9EB
Start Date: 03 July, 2012 at 07:00
Finish Date: 09:00
Leader: sueallen (View profile)
Cost: £65

We know that our Ancestors used to live their lives closer in harmony with the cycles of nature and life itself. We also know that most of our city-dwelling selves are often out of sync with the rhythms of nature. These evenings are a gentle way to remind ourselves of the ways in which we can bring balance back into our lives. Our celebration evenings are fun and interesting, and are run regularly to commemorate important days in our calendar. They also remind us of our own processes and our connection with the natural world. We are essentially creative beings that manifest our everyday lives as a result of our inner processes. By increasing our internal awareness, we can bring positive change into our daily living. These events generally include: " Meditation " Chanting " Gentle stretches for relaxation " Reflection " Creativity " Sharing/Ritual/Celebration

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July 2012s Full Moon in Capricorn is traditionally known as a thunder or buck moon. This makes reference to the first full moon after the Summer Solstice. It is a time to find and define meaning in our lives. It is a particularly beneficial moon for this, as all forms of divination are favoured, and dreamwork is especially helpful. Tonight we will endeavour to remember a little bit of that meaning in our lives through the use of meditation, reflection, discussion and art. We will create mandalas and/or artwork, using our intention to reflect part of our unconscious processes. This will allow us to recognise the true meaning and value of our lives, over the coming weeks and months.

More details: Full Buck/Thunder Moon in Capricorn

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