Awakening Your Sacred Journey  2 Day Workshop

with Doug Buckingham Jen Treanor

Location: School of Intuition & Healing London WC1H 9EB
Start Date: 26 May, 2012 at 10:00
Finish Date: 05:00
Leader: sueallen (View profile)
Cost: £130

All of us have one Soul (or Sacred) contract in common at the moment; we have all chosen to be incarnated on Planet Earth at this special time of change. Are you here to merely observe the change or is your contract something more than that? To a greater or lesser degree we all participate in raising the vibration of the Earth simply by being here and continuing to raise our own individual awareness. However, many of us are here to do even more than that and to work more intimately with the planet, as well as with its people. Some of us are drawn to specific energy points and well (or lesser) known sacred sites around the UK, Europe and other parts of the World to carry out some of this work. Are you one of those people who are here to work on a deeper level with the planet? Are you listening to the messages within yourself, are you getting the correct messages and if you are here to carry out this kind of role, what is it that you do when you get there?

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Doug Buckingham and Jen Treanor have been working consciously and unconsciously with their own sacred journeys for several years, visiting with a number of energy sites in the UK and around the world and working with even more remotely. The workshop includes: " Grounding & Protection " Clearing Your Energy Field " Listening To Your Intuitive Guidance " Meditations to Access Your Planetary Soul Contract " Working with Earth Energies " Channelling Information " Getting Permission to Work " Working with Site Guardians " Working with Elementals " Clearing Negative Energies " Distance Work with Sites / Energy Points " And more This is a workshop which will lead into experiential work with a selection of sacred sites on an ongoing group basis for those who are interested.

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