Grounding, Protecting and Clearing Our Energies

with Doug Buckingham and Lily Lau (Reiki Master/Teachers)

Location: StillPoint Meditation and Therapy Centre London EC2M 4RH
Start Date: 24 March, 2012 at 10:00
Finish Date: 01:00
Leader: Lily Lau (View profile)
Cost: £35

This half day workshop aims to offers for simple, yet effective techniques to ground, protect and clear our energies on an everyday basis.

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Grounding and protection on a daily basis is an essential part of modern life  or it should be&. Personally I liken it to cleaning my teeth  i.e. I wouldnt dream of going out of my flat in the morning (or going to bed at night) without doing it first. These are simple energy management techniques that can make an extra-ordinary difference in your everyday life. This half day workshop aims to offers for simple, yet effective techniques to ground, protect and clear our energies on an everyday basis. We will also spend some of the time with a meditation designed to bring focus and clarity to the root chakra area and explore some possible everyday causes of the source of challenges that may prevent us from grounding effectively. We will also take some time to assist each other work on those challenges on a one-to-one basis using Reiki/healing energy. For those of you who have already done Reiki courses with me, you will be familiar with some of this material; however it is also worth refreshing these techniques and there is also extra material. This workshop will be an opportunity to deepen your understanding and experiences in these areas. For anyone who has done Reiki training (or other healing/therapy training) elsewhere, this may be an opportunity to familiarise with these essential techniques for the first time. There are no pre-requisites for these workshops though they are aimed mainly at people familiar with Reiki energy. It is suggested that you have Reiki Level 1 training, some healing/therapy training or as a very minimum a reasonable level of basic energy awareness. There may be recommendations posted in certain workshops which will be well worth heeding. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of this workshop for you, then email me to find out. If you have done your Reiki training with me, then there will be a discounted a price for you for all of these workshops. Please check the Paypal button when you book !! Please note that if you are collecting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, then I will be happy to sign off on this. To book: Contact Lily on or call 07738 119951

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