Deep Trance Mediumship with Ian Rogers

Location: College of Psychic Studies London SW7 2EB
Start Date: 11 October, 2011 at 03:30
Finish Date: 05:30
Leader: Donna Pleysier (View profile)
Cost: £45

Spiritual Mediums have existed through time. There is within some, a special capability to bring forward information, without human interference.

In its purest form, this is called Deep Trance Mediumship, which today, is performed by only a few. Ian Rogers is one of those few. He has devoted a significant part of his life to developing his skill as a Deep Trance Medium which he performs in different parts of Australia and internationally, facilitated by his wife, Pearl Rogers, also a medium.

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Knowledge for the Spiritually Aware

Sphinx Spiritual presents a night of true deep trance mediumship, where the quality and relevance of information provided will not only astound, but will cause you to rethink many things in your life.

Ian and Pearl Rogers have devoted much of their life to their spiritual growth and for the first time, are bringing this level of deep trance mediumship to London.

Delivered through Ian and facilitated by Pearl, on the first night you will hear from Ians guide, ‘Crazy Horse a famed leader of the Sioux Tribe of the American Indians.
Crazy Horse spent his life fighting to avoid the extinction of the Sioux Indians by ‘White Man. He fought because he believed that the world could not afford to lose the spiritual values and customs of the American Indian. He gave his life to this cause and will talk on the topic of, ‘The Politics of Man. 

More details: Deep Trance Mediumship with Ian Rogers

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