Psychic Art Used for Connections to Other Dimensions of Time and Space

Location: School of Intuition & Healing London WC1H 9EB
Start Date: 02 December, 2011 at 07:00
Finish Date: 02 December 2011 at 08:30
Leader: sueallen (View profile)
Cost: £15

June-Elleni explains how she has used art to connect with other dimensions and time.

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June-Elleni will share information brought to her on her worldwide travels, using art to connect with other dimensions. She will share how she has connected through art to multi-dimensional people, animals, guides, ETs, time travellers, orbs, and even our future selves who bring information from other dimensions of time and space& to people all around the world with a voice of simplicity and union. She will explain a different understanding of reincarnation from the great artist and inventor Leonardo DaVinci who connected as a spirit Guide for an Australian children's art therapist. She will also explain the techniques given to help us choose love at this time and not fear, on the lead up to 2012, guided by our future selves that travel back through time to help us as we help them!

More details: Psychic Art Used for Connections to Other Dimensions of Time and Space

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