The Miracle of Radical Forgiveness

A One-day Workshop for Achieving Peace

Location: Heythrop College London W8 5HN
Start Date: 31 July, 2011 at 10:00
Finish Date: 06:00
Leader: Colin Tipping (View profile)
Cost: £75

An experiential workshop that will enable participants to release, through ceremony and gentle processes, any and all grievances they may be holding onto from the past and in the present. It also provides specific practical and easy to use tools to enable people to use the Radical Forgiveness technology on a daily basis in order to keep their energy clear and their vibration high.

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This mostly experiential workshop introduces you to the philosophy of Radical Forgiveness and yet provides the experience of real forgiveness through the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony and the Seven Steps to Radical Forgiveness as well as other tools you can use in your life to forgive the past and deal with the present.

The 7-Step process allows you the opportunity to focus on one particular issue rather than on the many as is the case with the circle ceremony. The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony is based on the ancient idea of a healing circle, that has been used by various indigenous populations around the world.

This 3-hour event enables people to automatically forgive themselves and many others besides, all at the same time, without having to reveal their story. It is a safe, non-threatening and powerful healing experience.

We walk the circle once to silently honour and witness our story of what happened. As we see others walk too, we realise we are not alone, and we honour their pain. After hearing a special Radical Forgiveness story, we walk the circle again and ask inwardly to come to a new place of forgiveness and peace. It works! People leave with tears of joy and smiling faces. It is entirely non-threatening and yet is life-changing nevertheless.

More details: The Miracle of Radical Forgiveness

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