Passover Seder at Unity Church

Location: Islington Unitarians (Unity Church) London N1 2TZ
Start Date: 20 April, 2011 at 06:45
Finish Date: 20 April 2011 at 10:00
Leader: Andrew Pakula (View profile)
Cost: £0

Join us for New-Unity’s fifth annual congregational Passover Seder. A Seder is the traditional Jewish celebration of Passover - a holiday commemorating the tragedy of slavery and the joy of liberation and freedom for all people.


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We hope that many will attend this Passover event, as in previous years. All are welcome, whether part of the New-Unity community or not. In fact, this is a very good event at which to get to know the community outside of a regular Sunday services.


The Seder features the telling of the Passover story along with special foods to symbolize joy, bitterness, tears, freedom, etc. There are shared readings, and we also do some joyous singing. The ceremony part is followed by a substantial feast! We use a specially designed Unitarian Haggadah (the guide to the Seder's readings and songs) that is in tune with our inclusive values.


This is a communal meal and we need each person to contribute by bringing something, contributing money, or helping with set-up and serving, or with clean-up.


If bringing food, be sure to bring enough for at least 10 moderate servings. IMPORTANT: please note that everything - whether purchased or made at home - must be both vegetarian and 'kosher for passover.' The rules about Kosher for Passover foods can be confusing, but if you use a recipe designed for Passover, you will be fine. You can find your own recipes on the web or in books. Here are a few suggested web sites that have interesting and sometimes adventurous recipes:


Veg Cooking

Veg Paradise

Passover vegetarian recipes

Fat-free and vegetarian and Kosher for Passover!


If you are planning to come, please book on the New-Unity website.


More details: Passover Seder at Unity Church

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