Spirituality Workshop: What do Easter and Lent mean to you?

A personal exploration

Location: Trowbridge Meeting House (Unitarian) Trowbridge BA14 8LY
Start Date: 16 March, 2011 at 07:00
Finish Date: 16 March 2011 at 09:00
Leader: Yvonne Aburrow (View profile)
Cost: £0.00

We will examine what Lent and Easter have meant to people down the ages, and what they can mean for us now. The workshop will include Jungian perspectives, ancient pagan mythological parallels, Unitarian ideas, and Christian mystical ideas.

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Unitarians have traditionally disbelieved in original sin, vicarious atonement and the resurrection, but it is interesting to view the Easter story as a piece of mythology, and compare it with Jungian views of the process of individuation, and with myths of dying-and-resurrecting vegetation gods from the ancient pagan Near East.

Modern Pagans celebrate the myths of Ishtar, Adonis, Attis and Baldr, all of which involve a similar journey to the underworld.

Christian mystics and heretics have also viewed the Easter story differently.

We will also look at traditions of fasting and preparation, and ask if they are still relevant, or whether some other practice would be more appropriate for Lent.

More details: Spirituality Workshop: What do Easter and Lent mean to you?

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