Mastery through Accomplishment

Location: The Robarts Room London W1B 1NE
Start Date: 16 October, 2010 at 09:30
Finish Date: 17 October 2010 at 05:30
Leader: geraldinelyons (View profile)
Cost: £200

Please enter a ******* SHORT ***** description for the programme Learn spiritual practices involving sacred sounds,breathing and meditation to accomplish your goals in all areas of life,including work, health and relationships.Learn how to energise your heart and apply its power to achieve self-mastery and reach for that which is worthy of you. To register: call Penny on 07930 109094 or register online at

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Please enter the full description for the programme Great spiritual men and women from many traditions have mastered certain practices of meditation and adopted key principles to guide their approach to life. Learn the 4 secrets of the masters and apply them to your pressing needs and identify 3 temptations that can hinder your progress.This course will teach the practices and principles needed to fulfill your potential using the breath, sacred sound and meditation to access the heart`s guidance and power. Different kinds of people need different practices to achieve self-mastery; you will learn which specific practices are appropriate for you.You will also receive a booklet with the principles of mastery, and you will learn how to apply these principles to your goals.

More details: Mastery through Accomplishment

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