How to Unlock the Power of Your Dreams

with Davina MacKail

Location: School of Intuition & Healing London WC1N 1AS
Start Date: 14 September, 2010 at 07:30
Finish Date: 02 November 2010 at 09:00
Leader: sueallen (View profile)
Cost: £84

Learn how to remember and work with your dreams.

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From earliest times dreams have fascinated us and for good reason. Every sleep of our lives presents each of us with unique access to this fantastical mystical world where quite literally anything could happen and generally does! This fun and inspirational course will awaken in you a passion for dreaming and more importantly a passion for working with your dreams to empower your life. Not every dream is useful but to leave your night time musings completely unexamined leaves you missing out on vital clues that can inform and feed your life in delightful and unexpected ways. You will discover how to remember more dreams, incubate them, interpret them and work with them so that they magically transform from nonsensical rubbish into revealing insights that can guide your life. You will be expected to keep a dream journal for the duration of the course.

More details: How to Unlock the Power of Your Dreams

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