Advancing Spiritual Progress

Location: School of Intuition & Healing London WC1H 9EB
Start Date: 11 May, 2010 at 05:00
Finish Date: 13 July 2010 at 06:30
Leader: sueallen (View profile)
Cost: £120

Meditation & energy exercises to activate and enhance connection to the higher self, Source and the spirit dimensions. 10x 1.5 hour classes.

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For those who have some background in meditation and/or a foundation in spiritual, healing or psychic unfoldment. This group will focus on meditation and energy exercises to activate or enhance connection to the higher self, Source, and the spirit dimensions. We will work with Mother Earth and Divine Feminine archetypes, Spirit Guides, and Emissaries of Light to promote the ability to navigate the worlds of spirit and matter and promote Unity Consciousness. Our continuing purpose is self-realisation and global healing. This has a practical application to daily life, enhancing connections and the ability to manifest your purpose; increase fulfilment, wellbeing and joy. Connecting in small groups is an ideal way to engage with the new energies coming in and to prepare and participate in the accelerating changes and opportunities of this time. Interview required.

More details: Advancing Spiritual Progress

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