Universal Spiritual Gathering - Essex Unitarian Church, Notting Hill

We warmly invite you to our monthly celebration of the Divine

Location: Kensington Unitarians (aka Essex Church) Notting Hill Gate London W8 4RT
Start Date: 14 May, 2010 at 06:30
Finish Date: 14 May 2010 at 08:15
Leader: pamelaramsden (View profile)
Cost: £Free - donations for expenses welcome. Any excess will go to Child Line

The wonderful thing about celebrating the Sacred that is within all of us is that you and all come to the Gathering are blessed and nourished. Together we create a heart felt sacred space in which we can connect with the Divine each in our own way. No matter what our name for the Divine, whether it is Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Spirit, Guru, a special God or Goddess or Saint or no name at all. it is the Source of All that we call upon and invite to bless and unite us. For in truth in these gatherings we are honouring and calling upon the essence of Faith that is at the heart of all faiths and none. This month our service will incorporate the Elements of Spiritual Practice as practiced by the beautiful and poetic earth based tradition known as Feri , as well as eternal wisdom and inspiration from many faiths and none.

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To ease us into a peaceful and devotional state we normally begin the Gathering with 15 minutes of chants or Kirtan which is Sanskrit for "calling out to God, as a small child calls to its mother." Our calling out to the Divine, consists of chanting from a range of traditions. Kirtan is one of the ways we create a relaxed yet devotional atmosphere in which to contemplate a particular universal theme. Examples of universal themes are, Joy, Devotion, Courage, Stillness, Community, Beauty, Truth and many more. To bring depth to our contemplation we invite a guest leader from a spiritual tradition to share wisdom about the theme from the perspective of that particular tradition. In addition we invite our guest to share some spiritual practice with us - such as a prayer, music or meditation from their tradition so we can get a feel for the true essence of their tradition. Our guests include leaders from the well known religions such as Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Paganism. We also include lesser known faiths and traditions such as Taoism, Druidism and Feri which are earth based traditions. In addition we have included guests from the healing traditions such as Deeksha Oneness Blessing and Egyptian Sechem as well as sacred sound and Universal Dances of Peace. Surrounding the contribution from our guest we always include a selection of spiritual practice such as meditation, music, prayer, chanting, inspirational readings, discussion, spiritual message and candle lighting ritual as well as an abundant basket of seasonal gifts. These spiritual practices will always be inspired by a range of traditions other than the one our guest comes from. That way the Gatherings are always broad as well as deep and truly universal in nature. The way the themes are approached varies a little each time depending upon the theme and the guest spiritual tradition. When creating the design for a Gathering we practice deep inner listening and allow spirit to suggest the selections for the various parts.

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