Drawing / Painting Guardian Animal

Location: South Hill Barn Thakeham Pulborough RH20 3EN
Start Date: 10 September, 2009 at 10:00
Finish Date: 10 September 2009 at 05:00
Leader: angeldivinity (View profile)
Cost: £125.00 (85.00 pensioners), 50.00 deposit required


Animals are intelligent, emotional and spiritual beings who are sent to the planet to help us learn a very important lesson on earth. They love us unconditionally no matter how badly we behave towards them. They have no voice but communicate with love. They are our "little lights"

They experience, although in silence a wide range of emotions just like we do. Animals experience happiness and sadness, fear and anxiety. They feel everything from frustrations to contentment and utter joy. Some animals will grieve when a loved one passes into the spirit world, showing signs of depression, losing their appetite and becoming lethargic. Their range of emotions are as varied as their individual personalities.

Many people hear how their animals still walk with them when they pass on.

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* How to and different techniques to draw and paint your Guardian Animal
* Why you have a Guardian Animal
* The purpose of your specific animal and significance they play in your life
* How your Guardian Animal is here to help you on the planet
* How to meet your Guardian Animal through meditation
* How you can work as a team
* The difference between your pets, animals on the planet and Guardian Animals
* The difference between your Guardian Animal and pets

When you have finished the course you will have your painting.

You will receive an Angel package containing Angel Goodies.

A certificate of completion

Lunch will be provided

All materials are included.

Duration of course: 10am – 5pm

More details: Drawing / Painting Guardian Animal

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